Guest Post: Fated by Janette Harjo

by  Janette Harjo


Thank you, Books To Go Now, for this spotlight on my debut release!

Tis excerpt is taken from FATED, which is the first in my Trilogy – CONNECTIONS.  This love story about 3 intended spirits – 2 adults and a child – who are cursed to search throughout time for their CONNECTION, continues for the length of the entire Trilogy.

The Hero and Heroine must overcome their inborn lack of trust, and grow to acknowledge their ability to love another, before the chance to make their CONNECTION will be reached at the end of the Trilogy.  But before that, they must face and overcome the awesome power of evil, through which they are cursed.

Their first meeting –

Valerie’s head lightened in the hazy dream-like sensation that overtook her.  She closed her eyes in an effort to steady herself and swallowed the discomfort of foreknowledge away.  I have never swooned at the sight of a man afore, and I shall not begin now.  Then she returned her attention to her visitor again.  Whatever bothers me could not be this stranger at my door.

“May I help ye, Sir?” she asked in tremulous query of his call at her home.  Valerie watched as the man at her door looked about himself, into her home, and back again to her face.  He appeared as curious as she about the reason he stood there.  She took a quick peek around him, but saw no children anywhere.  The chill of sudden breathlessness swooped up through her throat.

What has he done with the children?

Fated_BackCoverPublication date: August 2013

Publisher: Books To Go Now

Pages: 175

Purchase Links:  Amazon | Barnes and Noble | Kobo | Smashwords

 Tag Line: The search for our soul mates continues in every lifetime.

Janette HarjoAuthor Bio: Janette Harjo is the bestselling author of romantic paranormal/fantasy.   Her current and upcoming release, from Books To Go Now, is the continuing love story in the CONNECTIONS Trilogy.   Ms. Harjo enjoys life and has varied interests.  To name a  few, when she is not standing in front of her keyboard, she enjoys classic car shows, the theater,  and singing in her church choir.  In her own words, “Every day is a Celebration!”

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