New Releases

  • A New Life

    By Lauren Marie   

    Fran Meadows ran from a troubled life in Michigan and on her way west found a job ad for a tattoo artist in Reno, Nevada. She needed the job. With only a few dollars in her pocket she’s been sleeping in her car. She also wanted to start over and forget her old […]

    Race Through Space – Event Horizon 3

    By David Hawk   

    Marie has been sucked into a black hole and found herself in a version of Mountain View in a parallel universe—a quiet place where the Teva wormholes were never discovered. It would almost be a perfect place for her, if it wasn’t making her sick. Marie finds herself in a struggle for her […]

    Risk Management

    By Beth Wilson   

    Abigail’s brief marriage to a drug dealer at eighteen years old has affected every element of her life in the twenty-two years since. Now she’s forty with a son in college, a career counseling people with Substance Use Disorders (SUDs), and an aversion to serious relationships. And everything is fine! Just fine…until she […]

    Christmas Magic

    By Marilyn Conner Miles   


    Jerica Jones is thrilled to have finally found the perfect job, helping veterans heal using equine therapy. Maybe now she can even help the wounded warrior in her own family to heal.

    Though family members protest her new career choice, telling her she’ll never meet […]

    Just Friends

    By D.W. Saur   

    The Fantastic Four leaped out of the pages of the comics and straight into suburbia. Justin, Jill, Sam, and Amanda were born in the same year, lived on the same street, and were inseparable during their early childhood. The bond they shared became tested in middle school when Amanda started to drift from the group. […]

    Losing it at 40

    By Sarah Butland   

    Being alone, a virgin and comfortable in her own skin, Annie, like a lot of us, dreads turning forty. Turning forty tends to mean more challenges physically, in the bedroom and beyond. Losing It At Forty is Anne’s story and while she has, so far, lived a mundane life her world is about […]

    Venomous Love by Chris Karlsen-Chanticleer Winner First Place CIBA

    By Chris Karlsen   

    Chanticleer First Place CIBA suspense and thriller Award for A Venomous Love It is our privilege and profound honor to announce the 1st in Category winners of the 2020 CLUE Awards, a division of the 2020 CIBAs.

    This is the OFFICIAL 2020 LIST of the CLUE BOOK AWARDS First Place Category Winner.

    East of Manhattan

    By Amanda Johnson   

    Julie and Scott Cutter made a deal: 2 years. Scott will spend 2 years working as a butler for a rich reality TV star and then they will start the family Julie has always dreamed of. This makes total sense according to Julie’s life plan.

    This situation was all well and […]

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