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  • Lustmates (Orgasmica Book 1)

    By Sexisha   

    Obsession never felt so good… Oakland-based friends & housemates Qlaudia Westone and Roger Vasquez enjoyed a chill, drama free co-existence for 4 whole years. Neither could’ve predicted an exchange on sex would shift from the verbal to the physical – to the uncontrollable. They get in on sexual-soul mate style one morning after smoking up […]

    Belle and the Beast (Seven Nights of Satin Book 1)

    By Madelynn Belle   

    When her Father declares bankruptcy Belle becomes engaged to Lucas Casselottie, the most fearsome man who moves within her social circle. As the week-long Satin Stem Charity Ball commences, an outburst from Lucas leaves Belle questioning the arrangement. Secrets begin to emerge, and she embarks on a quest for the truth about her fiancé. Will […]

    Rave: The Spirit Path, The Secret Path, The Forbidden Path

    By Tammy Tate   

    The Spirit Path: A time travel, romance series about two people that risk everything to be together. A modern day girl learns to stay alive in 1812 in a hostile Indian environment. The Sioux warrior returns with her to adapt to the twentieth century with present day conveniences and laws. One thing is inevitable. Ill-tempered […]

    French Kiss

    By Serge de Moliere   

    Olivia is an attractive Asian-American actress unsuccessful in either her career or love life. She teaches at a local college where she is attracted to a handsome adult student. Later, she attends an audition for an indie film. She is startled when the director, an unseen shadow in the dark auditorium, commands her to disrobe. […]

    Slaving over Valentine

    By Allyson R. Abbott   

    After having the Best Christmas Ever in unexpected roles as Mistress and Slave, Jill and Tom decide to take it a step further. Or should I say Jill decides! In this shades of pink story, Jill gets to make all decisions and their sex life is ramped up to exhilarating. Although, Tom is yet to […]

    Valentine Vision

    By Tammy Tate   

    Valentine’s Day is approaching and Tori signs a five-year modeling contract with a high-end perfume manufacturer. The ink isn’t even dry when she’s thrown through the windshield in a horrific car accident. Despite a deep laceration to her face, the doctors say it’s a miracle she’s alive. Tell that to Dallas girl who was on […]

    A Surgeon’s Need (The Need Series Book 1)

    By Jodi Olson   

    Gavin and Francesca met on a dark rainy night. He thought they were beginning a romantic relationship. But instead it was a slave and Mistress relationship. He needed her as much as the air he breathed. They made each other feel things that they didn’t realize they needed. Could these two allow the dark passions […]

    Code Redhead – A Serial Novel

    By Angela Ford   Carol Ann Kauffman   Chris Karlsen   Jennifer Conner   JR Wirth   Sharon Kleve   Sibelle Stone   Tammy Tate   

    Thirteen of your favorite Best-Selling authors have come together to be part of a fundraising project called Code Redhead – A Serial Novel.

    Each writer has their own interpretation of the title ‘Code Redhead’. There’s a story to satisfy and entertain most every reader in Code Redhead.

    Sharon Kleve & Tammy Tate & Kim Knight-Contemporary […]

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