New Release Spotlight: Angel's Code by H. A. Somerled

We are proud to announce H.A. Somerled’s debut novella, Angel’s Code, has been released!

Code is easy. People are unpredictable.

Code is easy. People are unpredictable.

What Reviewers are saying:

“Fun fast-paced adventure with interesting characters and attentive detail in location. Looking forward to seeing what is next for Angel!”

“Fabulous first novel! I couldn’t believe this was a debut author. This book reminded me so much of Lee Child!”

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Danny Murray is a restless young Londoner.  Bored with his studies as a web designer, he longs for something new and exciting.  He attracts the attention of an enigmatic American hacker who goes by the screen name “The Fallen Angel.”  Angel agrees to train him, as long as he becomes a member her team.  Oliver Murray, Senior Investigating Officer for London’s Metropolitan Police’s Cyber Crime Division, and Danny’s older brother, has different plans for his troublesome brother.  But when Oliver is abducted, it comes down to Danny and the illegal skills he’s learned to save him.


When she took this assignment, it was recommended that she wipe her slate clean.  Faking her death was a good decision, going to her own funeral was not.  On that January day, Angel had kept a respectful distance from her grieving family.  Her mother, as expected, was a blubbering mess; her puffy face wet with tears and her make-up long cried away.  Angel’s father though, is what shook her.  He held his wife tight as she flinched every time the firing squad squeezed off another round of the twenty-one gun salute, his glance never wavering from the American flag draped over the empty coffin.  Through the binoculars, Angel could see the grief on his stoic face and the single tear that escaped from his gray eyes.  When the Master-At-Arms presented the flag to her parents, her mother began to wail. “My Angel!”

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