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    The Right Kiss

    By Giulietta Maria Spudich   

    Janie is a confident, professional editor in her thirties … when she’s not around men. The opposite sex sends her into frazzled and tongue-tied states of being. She prefers the company of her best friend Sharon Hall, or no company at all, and is largely alone. When she joins the Monday Mystery Society book club, […]


    Ordinary Wins

    By Margarita Felices   

    Have you ever worried that life has passed you by? They do say that life begins at forty. When Nicci Lace woke up one day and wondered where her life had gone, she never counted on what would happen to her next? What if you had the chance to jet off with someone famous that […]


    One Winter

    By Natalie-Nicole Bates   

    After her mother’s sudden death, Rory Lane is home again. It has been fifteen years since she escaped Mount Pleasant and everyone and everything in it. Now she must oversee the closing of her mother’s affairs.

    The only bright spot is Rory’s blossoming friendship with boarder CJ Rausch. Rory senses that CJ just might […]


    Good Friday: Dreams and Nightmares

    By JR Wirth   

    On the eve of Good Friday and Easter Sunday, an unsuspecting bookstore owner, in a resort town, Daniel Johnson, finds himself entranced with the new woman in town. Five years a widower, Johnson is ripe for a new relationship—something real and tangible, with intimacy. Unfortunately, the arrival of the enchanting, mystery woman also brings problems […]


    Lighten Up Your Life

    By Susanne Chapman   

    Jenny and Heidi are determined to win the battle of the bulge. So it’s down to the local slimming club, where lasagne and cheesecake are strictly off the menu and there’s no escaping the scales. But calorie-counting isn’t the only thing on their minds.

    Heidi finds herself a different man every week, but none of […]


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