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    Saddle Up For Love

    By Marilyn Conner Miles   

    Barbara “Barb” Sessions is a wrangler and sometimes babysitter at the local dude ranch, Saddle Up. She meets lots of “weekend dudes”—older men, couples in love and families with children, but never any men her age, except for losers. Could it be because she’s always in jeans and cowboy boots? She can’t even remember the [...]


    Love Under an Open Sky

    By Julie Kavanagh   

    When Callie jumped on a place to Montana and the ranch of her cousin, she couldn’t remember ever having done such a reckless deed before, but looking up into the sexy eyes of Joel Masters, she didn’t regret a single thing.

    Callie knew this vacation would be short-lived, she had an established career in music [...]


    Santa’s Surf School

    By Rusty Fischer   

    Cara Crawford runs Santa’s Surf School in the little seaside town of Frostbite, Florida, where despite the tropical climate it’s Christmas every day. 41 and never married, she’s content with her life. That is, until romance shows up wearing brand new baggies and a crooked smile.

    Grady Pepper is 28 and working through the grief [...]


    Christmas Connections

    By Beth Wilson   

    Ellis took a job in Denver in February, and her husband, Garrett, refused to make the move from Oklahoma City with her. When Ellis returns to her mom’s house for Christmas, she hopes to banish the good memories she made there with Garrett and start to move on.

    Her mom and step-dad plan to help [...]


    Damage Control

    By JW Stacks   

    Teenage love is a road fraught with heartache and Jennifer Defoe was no exception. Hers is an unrequited love for a boy who thought her a friend. When he left for the Navy, Jennifer gave up on her future and any hope of love.

    Michael Harrison left Mercy Ridge with grand plans of travel and [...]


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