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    Stranger on a Train

    By Mark Casigh   

    Unlike a great many Romances, this story does not involve a Villain or a Disaster that our hero & heroine must overcome to find their growing love for one another. These are two lonely people, approaching their middle age years, who find one another and realize the void in their lives, as well as the […]


    Staying Alive

    By Alison Jean Ash   

    Nerdy scientist Egbert January has been Octavia Buck’s “Uncle Egg” for twenty-two years. The adorable baby that just happens to have four tentacles in addition to the more usual arms and legs has grown up to be a beautiful young woman who lo

    oks like a cross between an octopus and a Hindu goddess—a goddess […]


    Selfie Sessions

    By Beth Wilson   

    Holly wants to show her no-good ex, Mike, she doesn’t need him, and what better way than to say yes when his best friend Derek asks her out? To make sure Mike sees, she snaps plenty of selfies and posts them online.

    Derek’s in on the plan to make Mike jealous, but he’s also […]


    Cattin’ Around

    By JW Stacks   

    John McGill wasn’t looking for love when he became Commander (for life) of the secretive Applied Science Concepts and he certainly didn’t expect it to come in the form of a hybrid cat woman who drove both his heads crazy. The only problem? She wants nothing from him other than frequent booty calls.

    Katya […]


    2015 Christmas Romance: Volume 2

    By Jackie Marilla   Joanne Jaytanie   Julie Kavanagh   Natalie-Nicole Bates   

    A holiday collection of big-hearted romance stories to warm you this season.

    Christmas Ivy – Joanne Jaytanie Ivy’s always been a part of Christmas; can this Ivy put down roots in Forever Christmas, where the spirit of the holidays never fades? Ivy Harper is a survivor. Deprived of college by a selfish mother and […]


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