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    The Empress of Ireland

    The Empress of Ireland

    By Jennifer Conner   

    Laila Byrne made a final promise to her friend. She will travel more and work less. After sticking a pin in a map of the world, she heads off to Ireland.

    Laila’s trip doesn’t work out as planned, but the mix-up results in a chance encounter with a handsome Irishman, Alasdair. Alasdair spends all [...]

    LovesTouch HighRes

    Love’s Touch – Then and Now

    By Lauren Marie   

    Kate Sullivan and Bill Leary have had progressive dreams all their lives. The dreams are about a man and woman who look just like them, but lived in a different time. Lizzie and Connor are married, and on their first honeymoon night, die in a hotel fire. When Kate and Bill meet they have to [...]

    Voice of an Angel

    Voice of an Angel

    By Becky Lower   

    Max Bainbridge is an ace newspaper reporter who gets all the biggest assignments, most recently covering the fighting in Afghanistan. When he is shot on the battlefields, he is operated on and then flown home. The nurse responsible for his subsequent care is Evelyn Hammer, a 35-year-old woman who ran for her life, and from [...]

    An End to a Beginning Cover

    The End to a Beginning

    By Andrew Saxsma   

    You’re standing outside the house of the man who helped murder your eight-year-old son. You have a gun in your pocket, one you’ve never fired before, one you’ve never had to. You’re nervous, and you threw up a few minutes ago.

    Some of it is still on your sleeve. You’ve heard the body has a [...]

    Puerto Vallarta Sunset

    Puerto Vallarta Sunsets

    By Elle Rush   

    When tourist extraordinaire Dena Thompson spots Curtis Schuster in the airport, she picks him as her vacation project. The poor guy is wearing a button-down shirt on the flight to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico; the uptight geek obviously needs her help to loosen up.

    All Curtis wants is a quiet week on the resort. Although the [...]


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