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    A Dilemma for Daisy

    By Carol Ann Kauffman   

    Daisy Mazlo faces a dilemma. She’s met the man of her dreams in Cooper MacNeill, a gentleman in every sense of the word, tall, handsome, wealthy, witty, and very interested in her.

    But Daisy can’t accept his love, so she runs away, moving back to Oakville where she grew up to sort out her […]


    A Singular Romance

    By JW Stacks   

    A neo-Victorian romance of fine mysteries, upset stomachs, and torrential downpours. Julia can’t handle people. Lara can’t handle Julia. Neither of the two know how to deal with the feelings they bring out in each other. When a shared love of Victorian mysteries bring these two mismatched girls together, can the matchmaking track record of […]


    The Mobile Mistletoe Series

    By Jennifer Conner   

    This is the boxed set of the best-selling Mobile Mistletoe Series. Love Comes for Valentine’s Day, Saint Patrick’s Day, The 4th of July and Halloween.

    Love Comes for Valentine’s Day At Christmas, Kara Hayward makes a pact with her girlfriends She’s wearing a headband of mobile mistletoe until a man kisses her.

    The […]


    Terminus X

    By Shane Ward   

    Terminus X is based on an unprecedented deserter which happens after the sun ejects a massive cloud of charged plasma particles and life-altering radiation. When the solar wind reaches Earth, it destroys electronics and heats the Earth’s core to a point the planet is shattered into fragments around its molten core and moon.

    One […]


    Second Chance Cinderella

    By Sharon Kleve   

    Second Chance Cinderella is story three in the new romance series, Cinderella Body Club. A timeless Cinderella story reimagined where four girlfriends make a wish on a magic locket. They all wish they are beautiful, confident, and able find their Prince Charming.

    Raven St. James is a Phlebotomist in a prominent Portland, Oregon hospital. […]


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