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    The Christmas App

    By Matt McGee   

    Maria enjoyed Christmas when she was a little girl. Then an accident took her parents from her and with it, all her best holiday memories. Now an adult, Maria meets a woman who has developed the technology to glean Maria’s best memories and bring them back to life.


    How Scarlett Found Her Merry Christmas

    By Peggy Bird   

    Christmas is not Scarlett Greene’s favorite holiday. Ironically, her career as event coordinator at a resort in the Columbia River Gorge means creating fabulous parties to celebrate it along with weddings and other festive occasions. It’s testament to her skill that she gets the work done with no one the wiser about her feelings regarding […]


    Thanksgiving on Summer Street

    By Julie Kavanagh   

    Book 2 the sweet holiday series: Holidays on Summer Street.

    I will keep you safe,” he promised, but she knew his word would only last while he was here. Come Monday, he would be gone and her fears would come rushing back. With his lips touching hers in such a gentle way, she put all […]


    Not Just for Christmas

    By Kim Knight   

    In Not Just For Christmas readers are taken on a romantic journey set in London, during the festive season, following two characters originally opposed to each other fall in love, with a enough warmth and sensuality to keep readers warm at any time of year.

    As Christmas draws near thirty-five-year-old social worker Ava Green, finds […]


    Rescued by Christmas

    By Marilyn Conner Miles   

    Micah, unemployed for some time, gets hired as the Marketing Coordinator for a retirement home. The night before her first day on the job, it begins to snow, and by the time she gets up early the next morning there are six inches on the ground. Uncomfortable driving in the stuff, she does it anyway. […]


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