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    Trails of Sin

    By Joyce McCarthy   

    When Andrew Smith, the head honcho of Tech-Me gets into a steamy affair with Emma Atkins, the new intern in office, his secretary and ex-girlfriend Betty Wilson swears revenge. Soon strategic secrets of the company are leaked out through craftily designed torrid acts of seduction of Tech-Me bosses. As Tech-Me starts losing ground and there […]



    By Raelle Logan   

    No memory of his past, sentenced to death for a duel gone horrid, Lochlanaire Blackheart is commanded by King William to hunt Siren Rain. She’s the illegitimate daughter of ousted King James II. In capturing his prey, Lochlanaire must retrieve the ruby signet Siren dons. That jewel is the talisman of King James II, which […]


    The Forbidden Path

    By Tammy Tate   

    It’s been six months since Nicole traveled to 1812 and brought a Sioux warrior back to the twentieth century. Now, she calls him Rave to protect his identity. When they go for a weekend excursion, a motorcycle gang kidnaps Nicole. Will Rave rescue her before the evil leader can do the unthinkable?

    The Spirit […]


    On the Rebound

    By Julie Kavanagh   

    History hadn’t proved kind to the Wise sisters and their well-meaning attempts at matchmaking, but when they decided to embrace the modern age and advertise their skills on the Internet, they discovered how a local young woman needed their unorthodox help.

    Susannah Donnelly had found her one true love, but their path hadn’t run […]


    Friends, Girls, and Bikes

    By Fernando Silva   

    When you don’t have that much, you hold to the only things that you have, the people around you; your friends, you family and, why not, even the people you don’t like. This story is about a boy who moves back to his old neighborhood. He doubts he is going to go back to his […]


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