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    Santa’s Answer

    By Daralyse Lyons   

    Alison Taylor’s life centers around her daughter. And that’s okay with her. Really. The busy single mother doesn’t have time for a social life. She’s too busy playing both mother and father to her six year old daughter, Tia.

    She doesn’t have time to date. Besides, the idea of winding up with someone like her […]


    Christmas Treasures

    By Alison Jean Ash   Beth Wilson   Daralyse Lyons   

    Christmas women’s fiction collection from three of your favorite authors.

    Comfort and Joy – Alison Jean Ash

    “Star light, star bright…”

    Unsettled by his ex-lover’s wedding, Sid wishes on a star, for joy. Could lanky orange-haired Melody, newly divorced from a controlling husband, be the answer to his wish?

    Can a never-married, 40-year-old yoga teacher […]


    The Great Christmas Candy Caper

    By Karen Hall   

    Popular bachelor Robert “Bob” Barnwell is in no hurry to get married. Between running Barnwell’s, his family’s candy company while his uncle is on his honeymoon, and his round of social engagements, who has time to fall in love, especially when Barnwell’s is competition with Hanover’s, his chief rival for a coveted cash prize. When […]


    Christmas Heroes: Men in Uniform

    By Angela Ford   Dawn Luedecke   Jennifer Conner   Tammy Tate   

    Fall in love this Christmas with a man in uniform. An Army man, special agent, Coast Guard, or game warden, they all need to find love for the holidays.

    Dog Tags for Christmas – Jennifer Conner Willa Rayne’s spent her life doing what’s expected of her. Now she has a great job and a house […]


    Handmade for Christmas Collection

    By Amber Daulton   Jennifer Conner   Natalie-Nicole Bates   Sharon Kleve   

    A New Adult collection from four of your favorite authors plus bonus craft and recipe ideas. Four young women look to make ends meet and join a local Christmas craft fair, but will they also find love this holiday season.

    Ten Minutes for Christmas – Jennifer Conner Everly’s not sure why Logan is sleeping on […]


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