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    The Beautiful Name

    The Beautiful Name: Four Stories

    By Helen W. Mallon   

    With an eye for quirky detail, Helen W. Mallon presents four lively characters who are each, in different ways, on a blindfolded hunt for intimacy. Izzy, the burned-out mother of twins in Did You Put the Cat to Bed? tries to provoke her clueless husband by painting the town red.

    In ‘You Say You Want […]

    Sunset Kisses

    Sunset Kisses

    By Angela Ford   

    Alivia Jones yearned for success, or so she thought. A full scholarship to Columbia took her out of the small dull town she grew up in. There she left her childhood sweetheart Jacob Adams broken-hearted and never looked back; until an invitation for her tenth reunion arrived.

    On her climb to success on Wall Street […]

    A Door in the Tree

    The Door in the Tree

    By Alison Jean Ash   

    Recently escaped from an abusive marriage only to return to her abusive mother, this time with a disrespectful, guilt-tripping teenage son in tow, Cecily is broke, depressed, and hopeless. When a door opens in the tree she always thought was enchanted, how can she not go through it? In a land of wild magic where […]

    Love and Terror on the Fourth of July

    The Seers: Love and Terror on the Fourth of July

    By JR Wirth   

    On their annual pilgrimage to Las Vegas, Nevada, to stay with family, on the Fourth of July, an unsuspecting family is hit by lightning. In the aftermath, Jess the father of the family, finds that he can see future tragedy in the eyes of others. The gift, or curse, causes much anxiety, and at the […]

    Im Not What you Think

    I’m Not What You Think

    By Lauren Marie   

    Gabby Banks is a writer, whose post apocalyptic book – Ice Blue Eyes in the Desert Sun – is being made into a film. She’s invited down to Arizona to observe the filming and meets British actor, Robert Shepard, who is playing one of her hero’s. He read the book and fell for her picture […]

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