Two Dragons (The Zaniyah Trilogy Book 2) has been released!

Books To Go Now is proud to announce Kelly Ann Jacabson’s “Two Dragons (The Zaniyah Trilogy Book 2)” has been released!

About Two Dragons (The Zaniyah Trilogy Book 2)

Zoey, a sixteen-year-old witch, regains consciousness after a run-in with her nemesis, the evil wizard Danger, and discovers that not only does she have all of the memories of her past lives, but also the knowledge that her childhood best friend, Andrew, is Danger’s son. She leaves the scene of the battle with Will, her husband from a previous life who she made immortal, and their two dragon sidekicks, but before they can rest, they learn that Angela, their friend and future
teller, is also tied to Andrew and Danger’s fate. Zoey and Will must go on a quest into the Forest of Madrian to steal a magical object that might save Angela’s life, but will they be able to steal it from the creature Krӧte and get back to the cottage on Dreamweaver Road in time?

About Kelly Ann Jacobson:
Kelly Ann Jacobson lives in Northern Virginia, and she is the Poetry Editor for Outside In Literary & Travel Magazine. She has published two novels, Cairo in White and Dreamweaver Road (the first book in The Zaniyah Trilogy), as well as edited the book of essays Answers I’ll Accept: True Accounts of Online Dating. Kelly has had or will have short stories in Iron Horse Literary Review, Swill, Storylandia!, The Exhibitionist Magazine, The Writing Disorder, Hogglepot, and Promptly.

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